Alexandros Kolonias

Alexandros Kolonias


Full Name: Alexandros Kolonias
Date of birth: April 28, 1986
Birth Place: Volos, Greece


Current City of Residence: Komotini, Greece


Marital Status: single

Occupation: Student of Physical Education and Sports
How I Started playing Backgammon: my father teach me at the age of 8
Backgammon Nickname: Kolonias

Current Skill level: World class - expert
Number of years playing Backgammon live: 1
Favorite Tournament Venue: Atlantis Resort, Bahamas
Titles won:  I have won a lot of tournaments online, but offline tournaments no, I played my first this year, the Partymillion in Bahamas and I lost in the 1st round from Falafel, then won 2 matches in consolation and lost in the 3rd. But from now on I will start playing a lot of offline tournaments. I am still 21 I think I have a lot of time ahead.
Favorite Music: dancing, disco
Favorite Film(s): Memento, Prestige, Hitch
Favorite Food: Mexican
Other Interests & Hobbies: poker, tennis, chess
Person I'd like most to meet: Albert Einstein
Favorite Celebrity: Clive Owen, Julia Roberts
If I could change anything in the world, I would... I would like people not to believe in religions in some years and religions would not exist in the future
If I could change anything in the Backgammon world, I would... I would like backgammon to wake up in Greece and more tournaments start taking place in Greece



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