Danny Kleinman

Danny Kleinman


Full Name: Danny Kleinman 

Date of birth: March 13, 1937.


Birth Place: New York City, New York

City of Residence: Los Angeles, California

Marital Status: Expecting to be divorced by March 21, 2007


Children: One

Occupation: Singer-songwriter, writer, editor, psephologist, Bridge pro

How I Started in Backgammon: In 1973, my Bridge-hustler friend Stella Rebner asked me to replace Patti Medford in a chouette at the Cavendish West Club so she could have Patti as her pigeon in a rubber Bridge game.

Backgammon Nickname: Miss Lonelyblots

Current Skill level: Expert


Number of years playing Backgammon live: 34

Favourite Tournament Venue: Louisville Labor Day Tournament 

Titles won:

  - 1976 Barbara Eisenberg Birthday Celebration, mixed skill levels with two World Champions (Billy Eisenberg and Lee Genud) participating.


Other important finishes:

 - 1981 Semi-Finalist, top flight, 4th California Open.

Favourite Backgammon book(s): Paradoxes and Probabilities by Barclay Cooke (despite its many errors)

Backgammon books you have written:

  - Vision Laughs At Counting with Advice To The Dicelorn
  - Wonderful World Of Backgammon Meanwhile

  - Back At The Chouette
  - Double-Sixes From The Bar
  - Is There Life After Backgammon?
  - How Can I Keep From Dancing?
  - The Dice Conquer All
  - How Little We Know About Backgammon
  - The Other Side Of Midnight
  - ... But Only The Hogs Win Backgammons
  - A Backgammon Book For Gabriel
  - Long Road To Gammon
  - Boards, Blots and Double Shots [with Norm Wiggins]:

  - Fascinating Backgammon Costa Rica 1994 [with Antonio Ortega]:

 - Cubes And Gammons Near The End Of The Match Jerry Grandell: His Most Important Matches

 - Backgammon With the Giants: Neil Kazaross

Favourite Film(s): Forrest Gump

Favourite Music: Classic rock (early Beatles and Mamas & Papas)

Favourite Food: Chocolate pie

Other Interests & Hobbies: Music, Bridge, political science


Person I'd like most to meet: Carol Tavris

Favourite Celebrity: Toni Grant

If I could change anything in the Backgammon world, I would... Replace chouette and head-to-head money play with match play.

If I could change anything in the world, I would...

eliminate theistic religions.

Additional comments: Last serious backgammon competition: Costa Rica 1993



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