Mike Main

Mike Main


Full Name: Mike Main             

Date of birth:  February 24, 1959

Birth Place: K.L. Malaysia

Current City of Residence: London, England

Marital Status: Bachelor

Children: None

Occupation: Backgammonist

How I Started in Backgammon: Sithonia


Backgammon Nickname: MikeMadMonk

Current Skill level: Intermediate


Favorite Tournament Venue: Backgammon Live in London

Titles won: None to speak of

Other important finishes: Finalist Biba Bright ‘n’ Breezy 2005

Favorite Backgammon book(s): Backgammon Live in London – The Book by Sean Williams, Improve your Backgammon by Paul Lamford and Backgammon to Win by Chris Bray

Favorite Music: Didgeridoo and guitar


Other Interests & Hobbies: Travel

Person I'd like most to meet: Nelson Mandela


If I could change anything in the world, I would...: banish wars

If I could change anything in the Backgammon world, I would...: make it more accessible to more

Additional comments: I run Backpacker Backgammon and Backgammon in London. I work to improve backgammon as we know it.




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