Gammon Associates West – California State Championship (CSC) – December 5-8, 2019

There is ALWAYS something special at the California State Championship (CSC) – December 5-8. Take a l@@k!!

ARDA FINDIKOGLU – Guest Director: A genuine international backgammon celebrity, Arda Findikoglu is absolutely the finest backgammon tournament director in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and quite possibly the most well-liked tournament director in all the World. Together with Merit Hotels & Casinos, Arda is the TD for the largest events in the world: Merit Montenegro Grand Prix and Merit Open Northern Cyprus. He also collaborates with IPATT organization (Patti Rubin) as the head TD of the World Championships in Monte Carlo. Let’s put this in perspective. The New York Metropolitan Championship has the largest U.S. attendance at just over 200. The other large U.S. events (Novi, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Las Vegas and San Antonio) will each have 120 – 190. Northern Cyprus will have 600 (!) and Monte Carlo will have about 350. In 2019 Montenegro had 320. In addition to his CSC directing duties with Ben Friesen & Patrick Gibson, Arda will speak on European backgammon at the Saturday morning seminar.

NEW INTERMEDIATE DIVISION (SOMETIMES CALLED “ADVANCED BEGINNERS”): This past June, we could see we were not properly servicing our high beginners — those not yet ready for the middle division (Advanced) but too experienced to be a Novice, so in keeping with many of the other major ABT tournaments, we have added a second beginner’s division. Now, the Novice division is for real novices: those who have not really played at all. Newcomers with some experience will enjoy the Intermediate division. See “What Level Do I Play?” on the website. NOTE: this is not an opportunity for low-Advanced players to play down to Intermediates. The Intermediate division is still a beginner’s division.

WONDER WOMEN JACKPOT: Our first-ever Ladies-only event, open to eight WONDERful WWomen who, on Sunday, are no longer alive in the Main or Jackpot events. $50 entry fee and a WONDERful trophy for the fierce and fabulous WWinner.

THE ARDA CHALLENGE: In honor of our Guest Director, Arda Findikoglu, we will have a Speedgammon and Super Speedgammon event. Limited to 32 players who are no longer alive in the ABT Main Division at start time Saturday night at 10:00pm. Elimination format. Open to players of all levels. Each pairing plays two 5 point matches — a Speed Gammon (2 minutes total time w/ 10 second delays) and Super Speed Gammon (30 seconds total time w/ 7 second delays). If result is 1-1, they play a DMP (24 & 10 secs). Winner moves on in the bracket. Entry fee is $100 (90% return), plus $100 optional Side Pool (100% return). SIGN-UPS ON SITE. Trophy event. This will be super-fun to play in and to spectate.

And, as always in the Main Event (ABT) we have what we think is the best tournament format: double elimination with a progressive consolation. In English this means you have TWO chances to win the Main event and three chances to cash. Hence, you are guaranteed at least three matches. On the Jackpot side, we have both an Amateur (the Dingwell) and the Masters. Single elimination, high equity. On Friday morning the Advanced and Open players will be auctioned off in a Calcutta. The Calcutta gives you a chance to participate in the successes of other. It’s really exciting. The luxurious LAX Hilton Hotel has lowered room prices for December to $117, single or double. We have a roommate program for those who want it and notify us early.

REGISTER NOW: The brochure and schedule are now posted on the website and Registration is also available through the website. Just click the blue ribbon on any page. Deposits are fully refundable – See “Staff & Rules” on the brochure for details. Why register so early? Lots of very good reasons, but we’ll save those for another email!

Best to you,
Candace Mayeron
Los Angeles ABT Tournament Producer

310-822-3557 – home office (8am to 10pm PST)

310-422-1646 – mobile (if no answer at office)

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