About Backgammon aficionados that play in live tournaments around the world

The Internet Backgammon Database (IBGDB) was created in December of 2006 and is a growing collection of profiles of Backgammon players that compete in live tournaments. These tournaments are held by a number of backgammon player associations, federations and event organizers, and are run by an experienced staff headed by a Tournament Director.

Anyone who has played in a live tournament may submit their answers to our Questionnaire and we will published your profile page in the Profiles Section.

If you play only online backgammon, such as free Internet backgammon, or in online backgammon tournaments, and you have never travelled to a live venue to play in person on a real backgammon board, sorry, you should not submit your profile.

You can easily find the name of a player on IBGDB.com by using the Search feature atop the SideBar Menu on the right.

Live backgammon tournaments are played in many cities around the world, under many different titles, such as the World Backgammon Championships held annually in Monte Carlo, Monaco for more than 40 years now.

The list is long; Gibraltar Championship, International Istanbul Open, Nordic Open, Japan Open, American Backgammon Tour, British Open, Cyprus Merit Open, Czech Open, and national and international championships in Austria, France, Greece, Italy,  Costa Rica and so many other nations.

Backgammon player associations, leagues and federations run national and international events in their countries. The Danish Backgammon Federation (DBgF) and the Japanese Backgammon League (JBL) are just two examples. A leading international tournament organizer is the Worldwide Backgammon Federation (WBF), whose various annual tournaments have enjoyed immense popularity since 1986.

Tournaments are held in conference rooms of hotels and often in casinos associated with the hotel or the organizer.

Players usually get special group rates to stay in the hotel of the event. Often, casinos co-sponsor backgammon tournaments with added prize money.

These tournaments can be weekend events that start on a Thursday or Friday night and end Sunday night or even Monday night, if it is a holiday Monday.

There are some week-long events such as the World Championships. Week events might start with a Welcome Cocktail Party and then a Prize-Giving Ceremony Supper at the end.

For the players that attend these events it’s a lot about the social experience, friendship and camaraderie, sharing their passion for the oldest game in the world – Backgammon – long known as The King of Games and The Game of Kings.


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