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Upcoming Tournaments

The best site to find out where and when backgammon tournaments will take place is Carol Joy Cole’s Mark Your Calendar page which has listings for upcoming U.S. and International¬† backgammon competitions. Carol also publishes International Backgammon Tournament Results.

Backgammon Tournament Organizations and Federations


More Backgammon Associations, Federations, Clubs and Groups

Austrian Backgammon Association
Belgium Backgammon Federation
Bosnia and Herzegovina Backgammon Federation
Costa Rica Backgammon Club
Croatian Backgammon Federation
Czech Republic Backgammon
Finnish Backgammon Association
French Backgammon Federation
Gammon Associates West
German Backgammon
Italian National Backgammon Circuit
New Zealand Backgammon
Norwegian Backgammon Federation
Romanian Backgammon
Swedish Backgammon Federation
Swiss Backgammon Association
Toronto Backgammon Club
Ukrainian Backgammon Federation
Vancouver Backgammon Club