Jay Bidal

Full Name: Jay Bidal

Date of birth: June 5, 1964

Birth Place: Toronto, Canada

City of Residence: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Marital Status: Married

Children: One

Occupation: University Instructor

Current Skill level: Expert

Number of years playing Backgammon live: 8

Favourite Tournament Venue: Michigan Summer Championships

Titles won:

– 2005 Abu Dhabi Ramadan Open

Other important finishes:

– 1st Consolation, 2004 Abu Dhabi Ramadan Open

Favourite Backgammon book: Backgammon Praxis

Other Interests & Hobbies: Squash, Chess, Learning Languages

If I could change anything in the Backgammon world, I would… organize world championships according to the chess model; in other words, entries would not depend on the ability of players to pay large amounts of money, but on qualification through a series of tournaments.