Marjorie Serrano Blanco

Full Name: Marjorie Serrano Blanco

Date of birth: August 6, 1954

Birth Place: Alajuela, Costa Rica

Current City of Residence: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Marital Status: Married

Children: One beautiful girl

Occupation: Housewife and sometimes I help my husband with his work.

How I Started in Backgammon: When I met my husband 30 years ago

Current Skill level: Beginner

Number of years playing Backgammon live: 3

Favorite Tournament Venue: WBF European Championships in Velden, Austria and the WBF Caribbean Open in San Maarten, Netherland Antilles

Other important finishes:

– 2004 WBF Caribbean Open, St. Maarten, Intermediate Finalist

– 2006 WBF Caribbean Open, St. Maarten, Semi-Finalist

– 2006 WBF Caribbean Open, St. Maarten, Ladies Prize

Favorite Backgammon book: Backgammon by Paul Magriel

Favorite Music: Instrumental, salsa, meregue, cumbia, paso doble and tango.

Favorite Films: The Passion of Christ, Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, Troy, Lord of the Rings, etc.

Favorite Food: Chicken, fish, vegetables and meat

Other Interests & Hobbies: soccer, play card games,

Person I’d like most to meet: The Pope

Favorite Celebrity: Robert de Niro, Bruce Willis, James Stewart and Sean Connery

If I could change anything in the world, I would… eliminate all the cruelty that exists in this world – let us learn to live in love and harmony.

If I could change anything in the Backgammon world, I would… unite all those involved in backgammon everywhere to form a global association – I think it could benefit the game and help it to grow.

Additional comments: Teach children to be impartial, to accept and respect all people and individuals, regardless of their race, skin, religion or culture. And learn to share – not be greedy or egotistical. War is not the solution to the problems between countries and only leads to great suffering with people losing family members – many defenseless men, women and children die for the ambitions of others. I would like to see governments resolve the problems in each of their own countries and not those of others, and when they can learn how to do this first, they can then help and teach others what they learnt in the process. This way our future generations will all inherit a better world. We also all need to protect this fragile planet – see Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”.